About Us

Established in 1995, Chinese Visa Office is an establishment recognized by the Chinese Embassy and the Consulates-General in the United States. As a professional visa agency, we have been serving our customers nationwide since we opened for business. We have successfully obtained Chinese visas for crew-members of general aviations flying to China. Also, among our customers are General Motors, Morgan Stanley, Texas Instruments, Toyota and a large number of other major companies, travel agencies, and universities in the U.S.

The Chinese Embassy and the Consulates-General in the United States have ceased all mail-in services, including the acceptance of express delivery of visa applications. Applicants are now required to go in person to a Chinese Consulate-General for the processing of visa applications. Chinese Visa Office can help you to get your visa by doing this for you.

We have experienced staff who coordinate with the Chinese Consulate-General on a daily basis. In addition to serving U.S. and foreign passport holders for their visa needs, we also have services for Chinese passport holders, such as passport renewal and authentication for legal documents to be used in the People’s Republic of China.

We also offer special rates for travel agencies, partners in processing visas, and airlines. Please contact us for information.

Our goal is your complete satisfaction. We are looking forward to serving your visa needs.