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Send all documents using trackable mail to

Chinese Visa Office
10402 Harwin Dr. Suite #A3
Houston, TX 77036

Tel: 713-774-5606

We provide FREE document pre-checking before submission, so if you are missing anything or there is a mistake on your application, do not worry we will correct it.

If your printer is ever out of ink, just email us at a completed form or any other documents. No need to run to FedEx for printing.

1) Original passport (we can help you print everything else, but not this!)

2) Non-US citizens need to provide a copy of their green card or a copy of their valid US Visa (1)

3) Complete the Download the fillable 2019 Edition Form (If you do not understand a question or do not know the answer, just leave it blank, we will fill in the answer for you) You can also click here to see Chinese Visa Application Instruction V.2019

4) Complete additional vocation based form. Forms are on respective visa application pages or the links are below. (Forms are not required for housewife/husband, unemployed, retired or students not in higher education (college))

*Additional form is required for all business (F/M) and work (Z) applicants even if you are unemployed or retired.

For college students and employees, please click  Additional Form

For crew members, please click Additional Form for Crew Visa

For foreign journalist visa, please click Additional Form V.2018-J Visa

5) Two recent color passport photo taken within the past 6 months and with a white background (goes on 2019 Chinese Visa Application form). Chinese Consulate accepts U.S. passport photo taken at all major retail stores. You can also click here to see Chinese Visa Picture Requirement

5) A copy of supporting materials such as invitation letter, itinerary, work permit. Please visit respective visa page for more information on supporting materials.

6) A copy of your driver license or employment ID or utility bills with your name and address to verify applicant’s address

7) Any other supporting documents or forms you might need to submit (We will contact you if you are missing any documents)

For minors under the age of 18, please visit : Minor Requirement

Extended stay for spouse of a Chinese citizen or Chinese born foreign citizen, please visit: Extended Stay Requirement.

8) Payment (check, money order, or credit card*) Please visit respective visa page for payment total or contact us at 713-774-5606 for more information. You can also visit our payment information page for more information on when we will take payment, and our refund and cancellation policies.

Please issue check/money order to “Chinese Visa Office”

*For credit card payment, please complete our Credit Card Order Form and send along with all your materials.

9) Return Shipping- If you wish to use our return mail service, please complete our Chinese Visa Office FedEx Shipping Order Form V.19-1 or you can provide your own per-paid return shipping envelope or label.

(1) The Consulate usually requires a copy of a green card, however, it reserves the right to request the original green card as verification to prevent fraudulent usage. US green card & US visa need to have at least 4 month validity. For more information on the requirement please visit requirement for Non-US citizen.

If you have questions, please contact us at 713-774-5606 or for assistance.