Document Authentication Application

The People’s Republic of China has not ratified The Hague Convention Number 12 and does not recognize documents executed in the U.S. The Chinese Consulate authenticates documents that are executed in the United States and will provide Consulate seals for documents to be used in China. Some of the documents include: birth and death certificates, powers of attorney, marriage certificates, diplomas, adoption papers, single status affidavits, business licenses, and other documents that are to be used in China.

We have offices in Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, and Washington and can accept documents from all 50 states plus US territories.

Consulate categorizes authentication document into two types, personal and commercial intentions. If you are unsure which type your document is categorized into, please contact us for clarification.

If you do not require the original document to be authenticated it, we do offer full State  Certification and Consulate Authenticate with just an email copy of your document. Please click full authentication service for more information.

Below is a general information for authentication, we have detail requirement for different types below.

Information on this page is for reference only, Chinese Consulate reserves the right to change application requirement at any time. It is also your responsibility to follow all requirement or template of the respect agency in China. Chinese government and agency in China reserve the right to make the final decision on any authentication. While we try to update our website to reflect the latest information, individual cases might still require additional documentation. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Please collect the following documents to send to us:

1. Certified Documents by the Secretary of State’s office. Chinese Consulate only accept certified document and not submit for Apostille.

All non-government issued documents, personal documents and powers of attorney must be notarized by a local notary public. Governmental documents that were issued within the last six months, such as birth and death certificates, marriage certificates, business incorporation do not need to be notarized.

For governmental documents that were issued more than six months ago, please notarize a copy of the original document.

Please submit the notarized copy or governmental issued document to the Secretary of State in the respect state where the document is notarized or issued for certification. DO NOT submit for Apostille. 

Once State has certified it, do not take the staple or any other attachment devices off to make copies. This will void the State certification.

2. Complete the Attached Authentication Application Form

Please type and complete the Authentication Application Form

If you cannot view the page, please download adobe acrobat reader. If you experience any problems downloading the form, please contact us to email a form to you.

3. Please provide a copy of applicant’s passport.

For U.S. born citizens that do not have a passport, please provide us a copy of your driver license or a copy of your U.S. birth certification

For Non-US citizens, please provide a copy of your valid permanent green or valid U.S. visa. If you do not have legal status in the U.S., please contact us for additional document.

For business purpose applicants, please provide the owner or authorized employee’s passport

4. For business applicant ONLY-a letter of authorization

Please use company letter head and provide a letter stating the applicant’s name, his/her position in the company, confirming he/she has authority to make decision on behalf of the company, company contact information and whom to contact for verification.

5. For business applicant ONLY-a copy of your company’s Articles of Incorporation

Please provide a copy of your company’s Articles of Incorporation or Establishment   

6. Provide Support Documents

Please click on the document you wish to authenticate for a list of supporting documents. In some cases, there might be more documents required, so please contact us before sending your documents. We provide a free document check service before and after you send us your documents. If what you wish to accomplish in China is not listed, please let us know and we can assist you in collecting the correct documents.

Appointment or Authorization letter for Representative in China/公司在华代表
Articles of Incorporation/公司文章
Bank Reference/银行证明
Birth Certification/出生纸
Death Registrar /死亡证明
Divorce Registrar/离婚证
Forfeit Inheritance Authentication/放弃遗产
Marriage Certificate/结婚证
POA-buy/sell property in China/在中国买卖房子
Same Person Different Name/名字证明

Instruction are in both English and Chinese.



7. Return Mail

Chinese Visa Office provides return mail via FedEx starting at $30 dollars -Please complete our Chinese Visa Office FedEx Shipping Order Form V.19-1, or you can provide a per-paid mail label or self-stamped envelope.

8. Payment

We accept personal checks, business checks, cashier’s checks, money orders, and credit card for Saver service and only money order/cashier’s check and credit card for Express service. Credit Card Order Form can be mailed or email along with other document to us or you may provide your credit card over the phone.

Check/Money Order/Cashier Cash payee is Chinese Visa Office and can be mailed along with the all the required documents to our office.

Visit our payment page page for more information

A: Fee

Personal Document or Personal Usage
For each additional document of the same content, our service fee is reduced by $10 per document for next day and 4 business days. Consulate charges do not change. (2nd and more of the same content document, our service charge will be $44 for saver and $69 for express)

Service Type Process Time (1) Validity of Document(2) Consulate Fee Service Fee Total Fee
Saver 5-7 Workdays 1 Years $25 $64 $89
Express 2-3 Workdays 1  Years $50 $89 $139

Business Document or Commercial Usage
For each additional document, our service fee is reduced by$10 per document for next day and 4 business days. Consulate Charges do not change. (2nd and onward of the same content, service charge will be $69 for saver and $107 for express)

Service Type Process Time (1) Validity of Document(2) Consulate Fee Service Fee Total Fee
Saver 5-7 Workdays 1 Years $50 $79 $129
Express 2-3 Workdays 1 Years $75 $117 $189

(1) Consulate Reserves the right to extend processing time or/and request additional supporting document
(2) All Consulate authentication is valid for a max of 1 year. Some document such as birth, death, marriage, divorce and articles authentication are valid as long as the document is in reasonable good condition.

If you have more than 5 documents to authenticate, please contact us for more discount options.

U.S. notarization are done without a void seal, some Chinese government agencies do not recognize this and requires a void protective authentication, if this is the case, please let us know beforehand and we can offer void protective authentication at $5 per seal. You can click on  Void Protective Seal Authentication to learn more about void protective authentication.

B: Return Mail

If you wish to use our return mail service, please complete our Chinese Visa Office FedEx Shipping Order Form V.19-1

Remarks Fees
FedEx Standard Shipping $30
FedEx First Overnight $65
FedEx shipment to HI, AK, PR* $40
FedEx Saturday Delivery $40
FedEx International* $75
Additional Return Address (Contiguous US Only) $30
Pick-up /Pre-paid Envelope $0

By choosing to use our return mailing service, you agree to our return shipping cost and policy. FedEx Standard Shipping rates only apply to contiguous US. Our FedEx return shipping is released without a signature. Should you require a signature with your return shipping envelope, please inform us by noting it in Chinese Visa Office FedEx Shipping Order Form V.19-1 or contact us by phone. FedEx has its own damage, lost or missing and claim policy, please visit FedEx website for information. For Chinese Visa Office return shipping information, please visit our return shipping cost and policy 

*For HI, AK, PR and international destination, those rates are standard guideline, upon learning your zip code, we might request additional charges due to geographically difficult to access location or higher than usual sub-charges. For more information on shipping to HI, AK, PR or International Destination, please visit our return shipping cost and policy page for more information.

Total cost to pay: Service Fee A + Return Mailing Cost B

If you have any additional service such as form filling service, please add it into the total cost.

Check/Money Order/Cashier Cash payee is Chinese Visa Office and can be mailed along with the all the required documents to our office. Please complete our Credit Card Order Form for cc payment or call us at 713-774-5606 to provide cc payment.
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We highly recommend using FedEx shipping. USPS does not issue receipts for mail drop off. For USPS priority mail, please ask for a confirmation number when you purchase the return mail. For more information on return shipping rates, time, and options, please read our return shipping cost and policy

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