Minor Requirement

The Chinese Consulate considers any person who has not reached his/her 18th birthday on the date the application is submitted as a minor.

The Chinese Consulate requires minors to have both parent’s permission to travel to China unless one parent has legal and physical sole custody of the minor. Chinese Visa Office will exercise our due diligence to prevent any international child abduction. If you think your child’s passport is at our office without your prior approval, please contact us at 713-774-5606, but if you have immediate concern about international parental abduction, please contact the U.S. Dept of State Prevention Office.

For more information on prevention of international child abduction, please visit the U.S. Dept of State website on this matter.

Minor Requirements

In addition to all the documents we require on the respective visa page, parents of the minor are required to submit the following additional documents:

If a minor has obtained a Chinese visa before, then a copy of the previously issued Chinese visa


For a first time applicant that is a minor

1) A copy of the minor’s birth certification or adoption paper

  • If the minor is born outside of the U.S. and in a country where English is not an official language, please provide an English version of the birth certification.


2) A copy of both parent’s first page of their passport. (First page is the page with the photo)

  • For Non-US citizen parent(s), they need to submit a copy of their U.S. green card or a copy of their valid U.S. visa. If one parent does not reside in the U.S., then a copy of his/her passport and child travel consent form, giving consent for the minor to obtain a Chinese Visa and travel to China. The copy of the passport and the statement must be authenticated by the Chinese Consulate in the country that the parent is currently residing in. Please click on Child Travel Consent Form-v.2018 to obtain a copy.
  • For parents that are born in the U.S. only, and have not obtained a U.S. passport, please complete the Child Travel Consent Form-v.2018.
  • Single parents must have sole legal and physical custody of the child to apply for the Chinese visa without the other parent’s documentation. Single parents must submit court documents (divorce paper or court ruling) that shows the single parent has sole legal and physical custody of the child without submitting the other parent’s documentation. If the other parent is deceased, please provide a copy of the deceased parent’s death certification.
  • For court appointed guardians, please provide a copy of court paper that has your name and child/children names on them.