Student Visa (X) Non-US Citizens

Student Visa (X) for Non-US Citizen

How to Apply

Please collect the required documents listed below and send them to our office via any trackable mailing service. You must send your original passport so that the visa can be issued once it has been approved. We will mail your passport with the issued visa back to you.

Non-US Citizens must be a green card holder or have a U.S. Student Visa (F1 visa) or have U.S. long term dependent visa such as L2, H4 to apply in the U.S. for Chinese student visa, otherwise, the Chinese government requires you to apply from the Chinese Consulate in the country of your nationality.

*In some cases, the Chinese Consulate might request Non-US citizens with green cards to apply from the Chinese Consulate in the country of their nationality for a student visa.

The Chinese Consulate grants two different types of student (X) visa. If the applicant’s studying duration is less than 180 days, it will be an X2 visa with 6 months or 12 months validity, multiple entries and each entry applicant can stay for up to the studying duration on your admission letter. If the studying duration is over 180 days, then it will be an X1 visa. X1 is the pre-requisite to obtain a residence permit in China. The duration of study is on your admission letter. You can travel in and out of China with both types of visa.

Documents Required

The Chinese Consulate grants two types of of student (X) visas, X1 or X2. X1 is for students that intend to study in China for longer than 180 days. X2 is for students that intend to study in China for shorter than 180 days.

1. Original passport: If your passport has been issued within the last 6 months, we need your previous original expired passport. Your passport must be valid for at least 12 months to receive X2 visa. If you are applying for X1 visa, your passport must be valid for at least 8 months, however, Chinese police department requires your passport to be valid for at least 12 months when you submit for residence permit.

Please also provide a copy of the first page of your nationality’s passport (the page with your picture and passport information).

Applicants who were born in China, Hong Kong, Macau or Taiwan and have previously obtained a Chinese Visa with their current nationality passport, please provide a copy of your previous visa and the first page of your previous passport if the expired visa is not in your current passport.

Applicants who are former Chinese Citizens or were born in Hong Kong, Taiwan or Macau, and this is your first time applying with your nationality’s passport, please click here for additional requirements.

2. You must send a copy of the U.S. Green Card. Don’t send us the original Green Card unless your Green Card is in the process of being renewed and the renewal sticker is stuck to the back of the Green Card. If this is the case, then please send us your original Green Card and use tape to secure it to the front of the passport.

Non-US Citizens must be a green card holder to apply in the U.S. for student visa, otherwise, Chinese government requires you to apply from the Chinese Consulate in the country of your nationality.

3. Visa Application Form: Download the fillable 2019 Edition Form (total 4 pages) The application must be fully completed on a computer, and printed on single-sided letter size white paper only. If you cannot view the page, please download Adobe Acrobat Reader. If Adobe asks for you to download a font pack to type on the form, you can do so through adobe acrobat reader font pack. Please ensure all your information is correct and if there is any information that does not apply to you or you do not know, please write N/A. For instruction and tips on completing the application, please see Chinese Visa Application Instruction V.2019. If you experience any problems downloading the form, please contact us to email a form to you.

We offer a form filling service starting at $7 per application.

4. Additional Form Requirement: Additional form – “X” student visa (total 1 pages). The  Chinese Consulate recently required an additional form to be completed for student visa applications.

Hand written forms will not be accepted.

5. Student Visa Requirement: Please provide the original J101 or J202 Form AND the university’s original admission letter (in some cases a copy will be sufficient, please call for information).

The validity of your visa is based on studying terms. If your studying term is greater than 180 days, you will receive a single-entry visa and must then exchange it for a residence permit in China. If it is less than 180 days, you will receive a 5 years’ multiple entry visa with a duration of 120 days stay.

6.Two recent passport type (2”x2”) color photograph taken with a white background in the past 6 months. The photograph must be attached to the visa application form.

7. Applicants who have been to China within the past 2 years must provide a copy of their most recent Chinese Visa issued as well as a copy of the last entry and exit passport stamps in the passport.

8. Proof of Residency: Please provide a copy of your driver license or a copy of another state issued ID, student ID or employee ID. If you do not hold any of these, please send us a copy of a utility bill/bank statement/ or any other mail showing your name and home address. Applicants 17 or under without a driver license can submit their student ID or parent’s driver license.

9. Return Mail to return passport and visa: Chinese Visa Office provides return mail via FedEx starting at $30 dollars, or you can provide a per-paid mail label or self-stamped envelope.

10. Fees and Payment methods: We accept personal checks, business checks, cashier’s checks, money orders, and credit card, please click Credit Card Order Form for credit card, payments for saver, regular and express service. Please visit our payment page for more information.

The Chinese consulate has different costs for different nationalities, please click on the link for cost information. (2)

For “X” student visa, the applicant must be a U.S. permanent resident or hold a U.S. student visa (F1) to apply in the U.S.

Citizens of Afghanistan, CAR, DRC, France, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, Niger, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sudan, S. Sudan, Syria, and Yemen must apply for a visa in person regardless if you hold U.S. permanent residence. This is due to the bilateral agreements signed or reached between China and the respective countries. Please click on the “Non-US citizens required to apply in person” page below for more information.

(1) The Chinese consulate may request the original green card under certain situations. You will be responsible for the cost to mail the original green card to us.

(2) The Chinese consulate reserves the right to request an interview from non-us citizens after submission of materials even if your country is exempt from the required to apply in person countries list.

Return Mailing

If you wish to use our return mail service, please complete our Chinese Visa Office FedEx Shipping Order Form V.19-1

Remarks Fees
FedEx Standard Shipping $30
FedEx First Overnight $65
FedEx shipment to HI, AK, PR $40
FedEx Saturday Delivery $40
FedEx International $75
Additional Return Address (Contiguous US Only) $30
Pick-up /Pre-paid Envelope $0

By choosing to use our return mailing service, you agree to our return shipping cost and policy. FedEx Standard Shipping rates only apply to contiguous US. Our FedEx return shipping is released without a signature. Should you require a signature with your return shipping envelope, please inform us by noting it in Chinese Visa Office FedEx Shipping Order Form V.19-1 or contact us by phone. FedEx has its own damage, lost or missing and claim policy, please visit FedEx website for information. For Chinese Visa Office return shipping information, please visit our return shipping cost and policy 

*For HI, AK, PR and international destination, those rates are standard guideline, upon learning your zip code, we might request additional charges due to geographically difficult to access location or higher than usual sub-charges. For more information on shipping to HI, AK, PR or International Destination, please visit our return shipping cost and policy page for more information.

Total cost to pay: Service Fee + Return Mailing Cost

If you have any additional service such as form filling service, please add it into the total cost.

Check/Money Order/Cashier Cash payee is Chinese Visa Office and can be mailed along with the all the required documents to our office. Please complete Credit Card Order Form or call us at 713-774-5606 to provide cc payment. You can mail the credit card order form along with other materials. You can also visit our payment information.

Mailing Address:

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Tel: 713-774-5606

We highly recommend using FedEx shipping. USPS does not issue receipts for mail drop off. For USPS priority mail, please ask for a confirmation number when you purchase the return mail. For more information on return shipping rates, time, and options, please read our return shipping cost and policy

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