Payment Information

Payment Information

Payment is collected once we have received your passport/document and all supporting documents. If we believe there is any missing information and we cannot submit the passport or document, we will not charge you.

We take personal and company checks, cashier checks, money orders and credit card. Credit card is taken over the phone or you can submit the Credit Card Order Form with your passport and other documents.

We will process and submit your documents based on your requested service (saver, expedited, rush) and not your departure date. While we will do our best to notify you if we believe your requested service does not guarantee a visa will be issued before your departure date, we are not responsible if you request a service that does not process your visa application in time for your departure.

If you wish to expedite your processing time and did not pay for expedited, please communicate with us at your earliest convenience. Once we submit your passport/document to the consulate, processing time cannot be changed.

For refunds, cancellations or rejections, please visit our cancellation and refund policy

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While we will do our best to guide and assist you in submitting your documents, your documents or visas are submitted to a government agency or sovereign government and they reserve the right to make a final decision.  We charge $25 dollars service fee in the event of denied visa or documents. A denied visa is a final decision and it is different than rejection for missing documents.