Q1 and Q2 visa and application for Q1

Q1 and Q2 visa differences

Q1 签证必须面签。请您咨询当地领馆。

Q1 and Q2 visas are both family based visiting visas. The difference is the duration of stay and how you apply for them.

Q1 Q2
Purpose  Staying or living in China for longer than 180 days Staying or visiting family in China for up to 180 days
Application process  Applicant must apply in person. Consulate determines if you are eligible for Q1 Can use an agency to apply or someone else to drop off
Duration of Stay  Can be for 1-5 years but it is up to the local police department 30, 60, 90 and up to 180 days
Interview at Consulate
Yes No
After enter China Visa is single entry visa, once you arrive in China, you must go to local police station to register and turn that visa into a residence permit Do not need to register with local police

If you decide to apply for a Q2 visa, please visit our tourist and family based visa page.

If you decide to apply for  a Q1 visa, please see Q2 tourist and family based visa requirements. You will also need to bring additional documents such as why you need to live in China for more 180 days. You must apply for this visa in person. Please search on-line for the nearest Chinese Embassy/Consulate. Q1 visas are currently reserved for US citizens only.

For any other questions in regards to Chinese visas, please see our Chinese visa guide