Return Shipping Cost and Policy

Return Passport Shipping Cost and Policy

Once your is visa issued, we will need to mail your original passport back to you. We made return shipping easy and allow you the flexibility to select what you want to do.

We offer FedEx return shipping service for the following discounted rates

You can add the cost to your payment and we’ll confirm the return address with you

  If you wish to use our return mailing service, please complete our Chinese Visa Office FedEx Shipping Order Form v.19

Remarks Fees
FedEx Standard Shipping * $30
FedEx First Overnight + $65
FedEx shipment to HI, AK, PR (FedEx Express Saver) $40
FedEx Saturday Delivery ~ $40
FedEx International (Covers most countries & cities) ⊗ $75
Additional Return Address (Per additional address)♦ $30
Pick-up /Pre-paid Envelope $0

Our FedEx return shipping is released without a signature.

This means, if you are not home or at office, the FedEx driver will leave your package at your door or have someone present at the address to sign for it. Should you require a direct signature with your return shipping envelope, please inform us by noting this in the shipping order form or by contacting us by phone. If you feel the return address is not ideal to leave packages or have other people sign for the package and you wish to pick-up from your local FedEx office, please inform us and we can arrange this at no extra cost. You have the flexibility to choose your return mail.

*FedEx Standard shipping will be either Next Day Service, 2 days or saver depending on your service type and departure date

+FedEx First Overnight will arrive at most locations before 8:30am. In some cases, it might not arrive until noon. Please confirm with FedEx.

~ FedEx Saturday Delivery is available to most addresses and will arrive between 8:30am to 1pm. Some addresses will not be available for Saturday delivery and we can send to your nearest FedEx office for self pick-up.

⊗FedEx International is available to most countries and cities and it is available for 3-5 days delivery time (vary by location). In the case FedEx International is not available, we will use DHL.

♦Additional Return Address is charged when 2+ passport is sent for processing and must return to 2+ return address. $30 per additional address.

If you use our FedEx return shipping service, we will generate a tracking number once we receive your passport and might send you the tracking number earlier than when your passport or document is mailed back. In this case, we will inform you a tentative date your package will be mailed back. The date we provided is a tentative date and not a confirmed mail date. The date might change after submission or in the case consulate extend their processing time.

Please visit FedEx website, FedEx Claims for information on their liability and claim process. For any additional questions such as delivery time  frame, Saturday delivery availability to your address, related to FedEx service, please visit

Pick-up and pre-paid return envelope/label

Pick-up from Houston or providing your own pre-paid return envelope/label is always free! Pre-paid return envelope/label is a pre-addressed and already paid for postage that enables Chinese Visa Office to return your passport back.

For FedEx or UPS, you can purchase a return label from their respective websites without an account. FedEx website or UPS website. If you do have an account, you can create a return label or let us know your account number. No need to provide the envelope, just the label will do. If you are at FedEx or UPS office, simply let them know you want to purchase a pre-paid return label and address it to you. Those companies will create one for you.

For USPS (US post service), you can provide an envelope with stamps or simply to go  to create labels. If you purchase a certified return shipping or a priority return shipping at the USPS office with a traceable number, please ask them to provide the traceable number label and put that on your envelope.

Mail Drop-Off

Chinese Visa Office has FedEx, UPS, and USPS boxes in its office building. We utilize those safe and secure drop off boxes. FedEx and UPS pick-up usually happens around 6:45PM CST. On the date your package is mailed out, you can track your package after that time. USPS picks up twice a day and the package is not scanned until the carrier returns back to the USPS central office. The last pick-up is at 7:00pm and your package might not show on tracking until the following day due to the carrier not returning to the central office until late in the day.

Return Shipping Policy

For return shipping, Chinese Visa Office will make every effort to return your passport or document in a timely manner and packaged to ensure its safety. In the unlikely event a passport, document or other items are lost, misplaced, damaged, or destroyed during transit, Chinese Visa Office shall not be held liable. It is the passport or document holders’ responsibility to add insurance in the case of lost, misplaced, or damaged passports or documents. Chinese Visa Office shall facilitate and provide evidence to assist the consumer to file a claim with the shipping company and provide all necessary services to locate the passport or document. We strongly advise customers to use traceable mail and add insurance to their package to cover the cost of replacement. Please visit your shipping carriers website for more information on insurance, claims and their liabilities. If your visa is rejected or your document is unsuccessful in processing, the above shipping charges and policy still apply to returning your passport or document.