Authentication Service – The People’s Republic of China has not ratified The Hague Convention Number 12 and does not recognize documents executed in the U.S. The Chinese Consulate authenticates documents that are executed in the United States and will provide Consulate seals for documents to be used in China.

Passport Pick-up – Whether you accidentally mail your passport to the consulate or decide to apply in person, we offer a service to pick-up your passport.

Chinese Passport Renew and Travel Document– Chinese government requires that applicants that are renewing or applying for a new Chinese passport or Chinese travel document to apply in person. Minor must apply with both parents presence. If one parent cannot appear, please check the consulate website for required document. Applicant must make an appointment on-line. No walk-in will be accepted.

U.S. Passport Renew – We offer rush U.S. passport renew. Chinese Consulate required that passport must have at least 8 month validity to apply for a Chinese Visa. If your U.S. passport is about to expire, damaged or lost, we can assist you in getting a new U.S. passport.



Translation– Chinese Visa Office offers translation services from Chinese to English and vice-versa. We have certified translators that can assist you with all of your requirements. Please contact us with your document that needs translation and we can quote based on the hours we need to perform the translations.

China Visa Guide– For most U.S. citizens, traveling abroad simply requires a valid U.S. passport. However, China and the U.S. have a bilateral agreement that requires each countries’ citizens to obtain a Visa before visiting. A Visa is simply a conditional authorization granted by a country to a foreigner that allows the foreigner to enter, remain within, study, work or to leave that country.

Application and Form– Below you will find all the forms on our website list alphabetically. This is for easy access and if you are unsure which form to complete, please contact us for more information.

Embassy & Consulate Contact– Please click here for the contact information for Chinese Embassy and Consulate