Terms of Use and Liability

Terms of Use and Liability

  1. Parties and General Information

The following are the terms and conditions that govern the relationship between you (our customer who we shall refer to as “you” in these terms) and Chinese Visa Office, a Texas registered company.

By sending us your documents (passport, birth certification, or other applications) you thereby agreed to the terms, conditions and liability of the service. These Terms are subject to change without prior notice, except that the Terms in force at the time you place or modify an order will govern the order in question.

The primary services provided by Chinese Visa Office are to assist you to obtain travel visas, other travel documentations, authentication by the appropriate consulates, and certification by State government. We provide the appropriate documents that are required to achieve these goals, review those documents on your behalf, and submit the documents to the authorized bodies.

Chinese Visa Office is not the Chinese Consulate, State Office or other government agency and you can submit your application directly to the government agency. As an agent operating to submit documents to these government agencies, we are also bound by the rules and regulations set by these government agencies. For more information on these government agencies’ regulations, please visit their respective websites. As an agent, there are other terms and contracts that we must abide to that are not stated on the respective agencies websites.

  1. Procedure

Chinese Visa Office will provide you with accurate and trustful information, facilitate the processing procedures and ensure that you obtain your visa or documents back in a timely manner. All required documents to obtain the visa are provided by you and Chinese Visa Office holds no liability on the authenticity of the material provided by you. The process time is calculated based on general average time and can vary per the information provided by you. Each country and US government agencies are sovereign nations and they establish the requirement to obtain the visa. Their requirements and processing times are subject to change without notice. While Chinese Visa Office strives to provide the most up-to-date information, Chinese Visa Office is not responsible for changes in requirements by those agencies.

Please review all the required documents that are required to obtain the visa, State certification, and/or authentication. Once we receive your documents, we will contact you if you are missing any information to obtain the visa. It is your responsibility to contact us prior to sending any documents if you have questions regarding the process. Upon receipt of your documentation, we will start the process to obtain visas, State certification and/or authentication. We complete a review process to ensure that all documents are correct prior to submission to the respective government agency. Nevertheless, those government agencies may require additional supporting documents, or they may wish to speak to you directly before a decision is made. If you choose not to provide supporting documents, or do not wish to speak to them, we will pull your application and only charge a service fee.

The sovereign nations and their respective immigration officials have the final decision to admit entry into the country or region or approve any documents. Chinese Visa Office does not guarantee that the issuing authority will issue the visa in a timely manner and within the specified time frame. Any written or oral communications regarding the receiving of the visa or documents between employees of the Chinese Visa Office and you are an estimated time frame. The sovereign nations reserve the right to change processing times and the final visa approval decision. All issued visas and approval documents belong to the sovereign nations and they reserve the right to cancel them at any time after issuing. Once the passport or document has been submitted, the service charge is non-refundable or negotiable if the processing time is increased. If an interview is requested by the sovereign nation, then a $25 service fee is charged. However, it will be waived if we are employed to pick-up your document. In the unlikely event that the visa or document is rejected, a $25 service fee is charged.

Chinese Visa Office generally uses the Chinese Consulates based in Houston, Los Angeles, Washington D.C. and the U.S. passport office based in Houston. However, should these sovereign nations and U.S. government offices become unavailable or extend processing time, Chinese Visa Office will ship your passport to our partners based at the other Consulates and U.S. passport offices around the U.S. We shall be responsible for your passport or visa and no additional costs will be incurred for such a decision.

If we determine that the processing time you have selected is not enough to return the visa before your stated departure date, we will attempt to contact you through telephone and/or email. However, in the case where we do not receive a response in a timely manner, we shall use our best judgement to expedite the visa processing or wait for future decisions. In this case, we shall not be held liable if the passport or document is delayed.

We recommend not to purchase any non-refundable fares or reservations until you have received your visa.

  1. Additional Services

Chinese Visa Office may offer additional services in some jurisdictions including, but not limited to, Digital Photo Services, Invitation Services, Notarization Services, US passport services, and translation services. If so provided, those services will follow the same terms, conditions, and liabilities on this page.

  1. Delivery

For all rush and expedited services, Chinese Visa Office offers the choice to use our FedEx account service and we will return your passport or documents by FedEx Next Day, unless otherwise instructed. All regular and saver services using our FedEx account service will be returned by FedEx 2nd day or FedEx Express Saver. You have the options to use your own delivery service; no additional charges will be applied if you select your own delivery service, Chinese Visa Office accepts no liability for loss or delays incurred by third party delivery companies.

  1. Fees

Fees for Chinese Visa Office services shall be those specified on the website.

Once Chinese Visa Office submits the passport or document to the respective government agencies on your behalf, our service fees are non-refundable.

Once the passport or documents are submitted to the respective government agencies, their service fee is non-refundable unless a visa is denied or the document is not approved. Consular fees and availability of services are subject to change without notice. Fees and services may differ between the time the document is received and when the submission occurred. Chinese Visa Office will notify customers of any differences in service fees and when possible omit the increase in charges. However, when the difference cannot be omitted, the customer is responsible for the increase in charges.

In the unlikely event that a visa, passport, or document application is rejected for any reason, Chinese Visa Office will make attempts to resubmit until a final decision for rejection is determined. Once the final rejection decision is reached, Chinese Visa Office will charge a minimum $25 dollars service fee and maximum $40 dollars service fee. Other fees will be returned by sending out a check in the name of the applicant or applicant parent for minors.

  1. Chinese Consulate Limited Liability Notice

The Chinese Consulate is a government entity and part of the People’s Republic of China. The Consulate conducts its business according to U.S. laws and regulations; however, the Consulate has the right to not follow U.S. consumer protection regulations. Chinese Visa Office shall not be held liable for the Consulate’s practices and its responses. The Chinese Consulate also reserves the right to increase their prices, change service times, or close its office without any advanced notice. We will communicate those decisions in a timely manner, but we are not liable for any increased cost or additional fees associated with getting your visa or documents back. The Chinese Consulate also celebrates U.S. and Chinese holidays and its office will be closed on those dates. This increases the processing time and the Chinese Consulate is not responsible to communicate holiday closures. We will communicate any closure to our customers, but shall not be held liable if this increases processing times.

  1. Limitation of Liability

In the unlikely event a passport, document or other items are lost, misplaced, damaged, or destroyed, Chinese Visa Office shall only be liable if Chinese Visa Office is at fault. Chinese Visa Office will replace your passport, visa or other document at no cost to you. Chinese Visa Office reserves the right in all instances to substitute replacement of the documents that had been in our care and control in lieu of payment. Our liability shall be limited to the actual cost of replacement cost of the passport, visa or documents, and shall not exceed our service charges.

In the unlikely event a passport or visa is delayed in returning to you, Chinese Visa Office shall only be liable if Chinese Visa Office is at fault. You must provide evidence that we are at fault for not returning your passport or visa to you in a timely manner. Chinese Visa Office will do everything possible to return the passport or visa back to you on time for travel. This may involve shipping the passport or visa to your departure or connection airport or nearby FedEx station, hiring a third party to hand deliver your passport to you or returning the service charge to you if we cannot perform any of those above. If the passport or visa is delivered on-time for boarding the international flight, we are no longer liable to return the service charges and not liable for any other losses or damages.

To the maximum extent permitted by law, Chinese Visa Office excludes and/or limits any direct, indirect or consequential damages, costs, or expenses and all statutory or implied conditions and warranties, including, without limitation, lost income or profits or travel or holiday costs or any loss arising from